The Ducati 916 ...

This bike has been stolen in Lyon
between October 5 and October 10, 1999.

Characteristics :
Frame Number : 000669.
Biposto, red, 1997, 14.200 km,
entirely "standard bike"

Thanks for any information in case of ...

I have bought this Ducati 916 in May '97. What a bike !

Here are other pictures of my Ducati :
left view front view right view

Are you interested in hearing the sound of the Ducati 916 engine ? Here is a 150 kb .AU file.

And because I promised it, here is a picture of my friend David Marmelat 5 minutes after he has tried my Ducati.
He looks so enthusiast because its own bike is a little 500 Suzuki !

If you love Ducati, here are some interesting links : the official Ducati factory site, The Ducati Index and The Ducati Website and of course the page maintained by Gildas Quemeneur for the Ducati Club France. For Ducati enthusiasts I also have to recommend Guilhen Dubourdieu site and 1600 site !

All you wanted to know about the Franch Ducati Mailing-list week-end !
Text is in french, but look at the photos here and here.

In 1997, this page has been nominated to participate in the :